About Oilseed Innovation Partners

Oilseed Innovation Partners’ Mission:

We will collaborate with our industry partners to identify and commercialize new and innovative opportunities for Canadian oilseeds.

The roots of Oilseed Innovation Partners lie with the Soy 20/20 Project, which was incorporated in 2002 to help the soybean industry, particularly farmers and growers, take full advantage of emerging markets and value-added opportunities.

Our industry collaborations and results have identified an opportunity for an expansion of our original mandate so we now work with oilseeds beyond soy.

Our future efforts will focus on businesses and the development of specific markets and end uses. We will work equally on vegetable-based protein opportunities and on the creation of non-food bioproduct businesses.

OIP will create an environment that will encourage companies to develop vegetable-based protein alternatives. Similarly, we will identify non-food bioproduct markets that will ultimately reduce greenhouse gases and create new, more sustainable oilseed-based products and categories.