Soy 20/20 expands mandate to become Oilseed Innovation Partners

19 October 2017

19 October 2017

Soybean innovation organization Soy 20/20 will now be known as Oilseed Innovation Partners (OIP). The name change reflects its expanding mandate that now includes oilseed crops in addition to soybeans, such as canola, sunflowers, and camelina.

“The market potential for food and industrial applications using Canadian oilseeds is significant,” says OIP CEO Jeff Schmalz. “As Oilseed Innovation Partners, our efforts will continue to focus on capturing and maximizing emerging opportunities. As well, farmers and producers will always benefit from our work, which involves working with unique oilseed traits from purpose grown oilseed crops. This is a very exciting opportunity for new wealth creation along the entire oilseed value chain.”

The organization got its start more than 15 years ago as The Soy 20/20 Project, tasked with creating new market opportunities for Canadian soybean growers. Since then, the organization has supported hundreds of companies in bringing new soy-based products to market and helped foster new markets and products using soy.

One of its most significant initiatives has been assisting Canadian companies to develop and introduce renewable lubricants to the marketplace, including Ecolube, Eco Grease, Eco Bar & Chain Oil, Eco 2-Stroke Engine Oil and Smart Earth Performance FG, a food grade lubricant.

The organization also led the development of a health claim for soy protein in Canada, petitioning Health Canada to approve a claim on soy protein consumption and its corresponding cholesterol reduction benefit, and has become a leading source of intelligence on the vegetable oil market and oilseed product opportunities. 

“Collectively, our staff team of senior professionals has close to 100 years of new market and product development, brand marketing, industrial and commercialization experience,” says Schmalz. “With our expanded mandate, OIP is open for business and ready to work with companies looking for market development and commercialization support in the Canadian oilseed sector.”

Oilseed Innovation Partners is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.


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