OIP helps bring new Canadian renewable food grade industrial lubricant to market

A new Canadian renewable industrial multi-purpose lubricant approved for food manufacturing use is now available in Canada thanks to the work by Oilseed Innovation Partners.

Made with Canadian-grown canola, Smart Earth Performance FG has received a Letter of No Objection from Health Canada, making it suitable for use in food and beverage processing facilities with incidental contact.

“The Letter of No Objection means Smart Earth Performance FG can be sprayed anywhere food may come into contact with a lubricant in a food or beverage processing environment,” says Jeff Schmalz, CEO of Oilseed Innovation Partners (OIP). “The product offers superior performance to conventional food grade lubricants like mineral oil or synthetic products and at a competitive price.”

The product is bio-based, biodegradable, non-toxic, not harmful to plants, and safe for use on metals and plastics. The long-lasting lubricating film bonds easily to metal and plastic. It offers a high viscosity index, lower evaporation loss and enhanced lubricity, which improves energy efficiency and reduces friction and wear.

Developed collaboratively in Ontario with one of OIP’s clients, Smart Earth Performance FG is available in a new-style container with “Bag-on-valve” technology that features an accurate, even spraying pattern of up to 60 cm even when used upside down.

A 400 gram bag of lubricant is housed inside a pressurized refillable can, eliminating the need for a propellant in the lubricant. This allows for up to 100 per cent of the lubricant to be used compared to traditional spray cans.

This product is the latest addition to a family of Canadian renewable lubricant products marketed under the Smart Earth brand, which also includes Eco Grease, Eco Bar & Chain Oil, and Eco 2-Stroke Engine Oil and its flagship spray lubricant Ecolube.

With the exception of Smart Earth Performance FG, all Smart Earth products are currently made from high oleic soybean oil. They were developed by parent company Linneaus Plant Sciences Inc. as an innovative green substitute for popular petroleum-based oils, greases and spray lubricants.

Oilseed Innovation Partners has been working with Smart Earth in a business development and marketing support capacity to help expand the Canadian company’s presence in the market place.

This is part of OIP’s mandate to encourage and grow both industrial and food-based market opportunities from Canadian oilseeds, which includes assisting companies like Smart Earth with market development and commercialization activities.

"We greatly appreciate all the support OIP has provided to help build our Smart Earth eco-friendly brand of lubricants,” says Jack Grushcow, President of Linnaeus Plant Sciences Inc. “With their help, we’ve been able to continue the expansion of our product line and make our products available to Canadians coast to coast, which has really helped us grow our business.”

Smart Earth Corporation plans to target Ontario food processing companies and greenhouses with this new product, the next step in continuing to build its oilseed product market.

“Ontario has one of the largest clusters of food processing businesses in North America, as well as the largest concentration of greenhouse vegetable production, so a food grade renewable lubricant presents a significant market opportunity for Canadian oilseed producers,” says Schmalz.

OIP is proud of the key role it has played in the success to date of the Smart Earth brand, he adds, with products now available across Canada via the Smart earth website as well as at selected retailers and distributors.

“Smart Earth is an excellent example of the type of results the skills and experience the OIP team can offer companies looking for marketing and commercialization support in the oilseed bioproducts space,” he says. 

Oilseed Innovation Partners is funded by Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Story by Lilian Schaer

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